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Tick to Purchase Code Title Fee
lp-cws Preventing Workplace Aggression and Violence Program 35.00
lp-ep Emergency Procedures Program 35.00
lp-ic Infection Control Program 35.00
lp-mh Manual Handling Program 35.00
lp-rp Respiratory Assessment Program 35.00
CPD-DEMO Nurse CPD Online Demo 0.10
lp-ahe Rural and Remote Emergency Management Program 70.00
lp-ana Early Management of Anaphylaxis and CPR Refresher 35.00
lp-bt Administration of Blood Products 35.00
lp-cws Preventing Aggression & Violence in the Mental Health Context Program 35.00
lp-dares Medication Administration 2 - Residential Care Program 35.00
lp-ea Elder Abuse 35.00
lp-fb Fluid Balance Program 35.00
lp-fh Food Handling Program 35.00
lp-ic-nc Infection Control For Non Clinical Staff Program 35.00
lp-ma-rc Medication Administration 1 - Residential Care Program 35.00
lp-ppe Correct Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Healthcare 10.00
lp-sex Sexuality and the older person 35.00
lp-ta Introduction to Triage Program 35.00
lp-ma-ac Medication Administration 1 - Acute Care Program 35.00
lp-bls Basic Life Support Theory Program 35.00
lp-ivc IV Cannulation Theory Program 35.00
lp-mhdp Mental Health Drug Program 35.00
lp-da Medication Administration 2 - Acute Care Program 35.00
lp-als Advanced Life Support Theory Refresher 35.00